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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Welcome to this site! The intention behind this site is to have a location and archive for historical letters, photos and stories related to the work and works of Alice A. Bailey. That can be freely accessed by researchers and students of the Ageless Wisdom.

We know that during her life time AAB had written tens of thousands of letters. And is even quoted as saying she wrote over 10,000 letters in just one year. These letters have a historical and spiritual value. They give depth to her character, a window into her heart and mind; and a deep insight into the trials, struggles and aims of the greater work she and her co-workers were aspiring to accomplish.

Some of these letters and photos have come to light by way of her grandson, who wished for them to be made available, who wished for anything that might be of aid to the work his mother and grandmother devoted their lives to.

Others letters from a private source have been offered as donation for the historical record. (these are in the works of being digitized)

And it is the hope that this site will inspire and encourage others who may have had passed down to them letters, photos or stories, from those associated with Alice A Bailey or those involved in the work during her time, to add to this archive.

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